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Žiju v Praze a posledních 7 let pracuji ve firmě RIGANTI, kterou jsem sám založil a která se zabývá vývojem software, poskytováním školení a konzultací.
Jsem autorem open source frameworku DotVVM, který umožňuje psát webové aplikace jednoduše a bez nutnosti psát tisíce řádků kódu v Javascriptu.
Za svou publikační a přednáškovou činnost jsem získal ocenění Microsoft Most Valuable Professional a Microsoft Regional Director.

Můžete mě potkat na nejrůznějších českých i zahraničních technických konferencích, kde přednáším o vývoji webových aplikací, o .NETu, softwarové architektuře, cloudu nebo jiných tématech.

Jsem také autorem webu DotNetPortal, kde jsem publikoval desítky článků pro začínající i pokročilé vývojáře, a jsem spoluzakladatelem vzdělávacícho centra DotNetCollege, které nabízí školení a konzultace a organizuje též různé komunitní akce.

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Update Conference Prague 2018 - Aftermovie

Tomáš Herceg 25.01.2019 1644

Dear friends, we would like to thank you for your interest in the first year of Update Conference Prague! We hope that you enjoyed the event, learned many new things and had a chance to network with the speakers and attendees.

Watch the aftermovie from the event and save the date of the next year: 14 - 15 November 2019! #updateconference

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The Development Platform Landscape in 2018

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2580
Join Richard Campbell as he takes you on a tour of the broad range of subjects explored while recording more than 1500 episodes of .NET Rocks over the past 10+ years. The development world today is evolving rapidly, but a look at the history of development can help inform the path we're on and where we're going. Along the way you'll hear some great stories from the various .NET Rocks episodes and get some ideas of how you can take your career and your company into the future of technology.
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Demystifying the Core of .NET Core

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2525
.NET Core has revolutionized the way we build applications. Today, you can write .NET code once and run it anywhere using the tools, practices, and techniques that .NET community known and loved for years. In this session, you'll learn about architecture of .NET Core and .NET Standard which allows it to run on any platform like Linux, OSX and windows. And you will explore how to integrate the different utilities, libraries and concepts to maximize your .NET skills in the new world of cross-platform .NET.
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Internals of Exceptions

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2462
You know how to throw and catch exception. But do you know how are they implemented internally? Do you know what is SEH, VEH and VCH in Windows? Or do you know why C# introduced exceptions filters or how to catch everything, even StackOverflowException?In this presentation I show internal mechanisms used by Windows for handling exceptions. We will see constructs used by C++ and C# languages, CLR instructions and machine code details of those. There will be some live debugging and low to high level code.
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From 'dotnet run' to 'Hello World!'

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2446
Have you ever stopped to think about all the things that have to take place when you execute a .NET program? As the quote from Neal Ford says "Understand one level below your usual abstraction", this talk will look at why this is important and how can it help you if we apply it to the .NET framework. We will delve into the internals of the recently open-sourced .NET Core Runtime, looking at what happens, when it happens and why. Using freely available diagnostic tools such as PerfView, libraries including ClrMD and even the source code itself! Along the way we'll examine the Execution Engine, Type Loader, Just-in-Time (JIT) Compiler and the CLR Hosting API, to see how all these components play a part in making a 'Hello World' app possible.
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Immutable code in .NET

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2444
Our day to day thinking is quite imperative. Do this, then that, only if this...which is also the way we code. Although natural, imperative code has certain disadvantages when it comes to self-containment, ability to reason about a particular code fragment, testability and performance in certain conditions.So let's talk about adjusting our code and our way of thinking to more functional one. Let's see how certain limitations can open up new possibilities previously impossible to attain using just the imperative code. By implementing certain patterns or restricting the way we write existing code, we can achieve more
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Practical CQRS and Event Sourcing on Azure

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2444
CQRS and Event Sourcing are both popular patterns that at the same time can be quiet overwhelming. CQRS, or Command and Query Responsibility Segregation is a pattern in which you use different models for reads and writes. This separation enables you to better optimize both models as well as scaling them independently.CQRS is often used in combination with Event Sourcing. Event Sourcing is nothing more than storing current state as a series of events and rebuilding system state by replaying that series of events.While these patterns are conceptually fairly trivial, actual implementations often add a lot of complexity. In this session I'll start from scratch with a simple and lean implementation of CQRS and Event Sourcing using Azure Storage. Next, I'll show how to extend the functionality of the solution by adding more complex features such as global ordering, messaging integration and multi-stream projections. Luckily, there are many Azure services that can be of great use while building CQRS/Event Sourced systems, such as Azure Service Bus and Azure Cosmos DB. Along the way, I’ll discuss lessons learned from running a production CQRS+ES based smart meter platform on Azure.
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Docker for .NET Developers

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2428
Is Docker forever on your list of things to explore? There's no better time than now…In this talk, Steve will introduce you to Docker, an application packaging and containerisation technology that opens new possibilities for development and deployment of your ASP.NET and .NET applications. Steve will share with you the Docker journey that his team is on, exploring their motivations for using Docker, the benefits they've achieved and the workflows they have developed. You will learn about the core terminology and concepts that .NET developers need to understand in order to begin working with Docker. Steve will share demos which show how easy it is to start leveraging Docker in your own ASP.NET Core projects. Finally, Steve will demo a complete CI-CD pipeline using Docker and Jenkins. Steve will explore the AWS EC2 Container Services (ECS) architecture they have built to enable rapid, continuous delivery of their microservices.You’ll leave this talk with the knowledge you need to get started using Docker and excited about the value that Docker can add to your software projects.
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