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Žiju v Praze a posledních 7 let pracuji ve firmě RIGANTI, kterou jsem sám založil a která se zabývá vývojem software, poskytováním školení a konzultací.
Jsem autorem open source frameworku DotVVM, který umožňuje psát webové aplikace jednoduše a bez nutnosti psát tisíce řádků kódu v Javascriptu.
Za svou publikační a přednáškovou činnost jsem získal ocenění Microsoft Most Valuable Professional a Microsoft Regional Director.

Můžete mě potkat na nejrůznějších českých i zahraničních technických konferencích, kde přednáším o vývoji webových aplikací, o .NETu, softwarové architektuře, cloudu nebo jiných tématech.

Jsem také autorem webu DotNetPortal, kde jsem publikoval desítky článků pro začínající i pokročilé vývojáře, a jsem spoluzakladatelem vzdělávacícho centra DotNetCollege, které nabízí školení a konzultace a organizuje též různé komunitní akce.

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Correcting Common Mistakes in Asynchronous .NET Code

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2413
How much do we really know about how async/await works in .NET? In this session, we will breakdown the inner-workings of .NET to understand what actually happens when we compile our async code! We’ll learn how a few easy improvements to our async code can create huge performance gains! The .NET compiler turns every async method into a class that contains its own state-machine nested inside of a try/catch block. This means that our app-size increases by 100 bytes every time we create an async method, and that every async method could potentially swallow exceptions leading to unintended behavior in our apps. Oh my! Join me as we take an existing app and optimize its async code together, showing off the performance gains in exception handling, improved run-time speed, and smaller app size!
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A lap around Azure Machine Learning services

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2411
Azure Machine Learning services (preview) is an integrated, end-to-end solution for professional data scientists to prepare data, develop experiments and deploy models at cloud scale.Come and explore the Azure Machine Learning landscape with technical hands-on demos going from data gathering and preparation to building experiments and distributing a machine learning model in the real world.
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Understanding the Serverless platform in Microsoft Azure

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2410
Serverless is more than FaaS (Functions-As-A-Service)! Serverless architectures could really disrupt the enterprise by transforming the ways developers build solutions by dramatically increasing productivity and reducing costs. Is Serverless truly for anyone or any kind of project? Attend and find out!In this session, you will hear about some of the technologies that Microsoft is offering around this space: Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps and Azure Service Fabric Mesh. Also, you will see some of the related tools used to build and take advantage of this kind of solutions.
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Top 18 Azure security fails and how to avoid them

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2402
Karl Ots has assessed the security of over 100 Azure solutions. He has found that there are 18 security pitfalls that are common across all industry verticals and company sizes. In this session, he will share what these security pitfalls are, why do they matter and how to mitigate them.
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Adapting ASP.NET Core MVC to your needs

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2400
One of the things we - as developers - always hate, is feeling constrained by a framework. Unfortunately, historically, this has been a huge problem for ASP.NET developers. We were forced to do things in a very specific way, in a one-size-fits-all context. This had a number of negative effects, for example poor reusability, as it was difficult to achieve the code reuse we needed.In this talk, we’ll look at the ASP.NET Core world, and see how we it tries to address some of the deficiencies of its predecessor. We'll look at various MVC framework components and its extensibility points. We will explore its flexibility, and how you can bend the framework to your will. We will also look at how to facilitate building reusable features.
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Real-time Web Applications with ASP.NET Core SignalR

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2397
SignalR for ASP.NET Core is finally here. But it's quite a lot different than the "old" SignalR. After a short introduction of what SignalR is I'll show you how to build real-time functionality into every ASP.NET Core application by diving into the code of a demo application showing you the server- and client-side and you'll see how it's different from the SignalR you might be used to. When your app's ready there are a couple of things you should know when you want to scale out a SignalR app. You could do the plumbing yourself or using the new Azure SignalR service. After this session you're ready to write and deploy your ASP.NET Core SignalR application.
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.NET Debugging tricks you wish you knew

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2395
Do you know what developers do most of their day (except for surfing the internet)? Writing code? WRONG! They are debugging. The debugger is a powerful tool, but in this talk you'll learn tricks that will help find bugs in half the time and with less frustration. Because a happy developer is a productive developer.I'll show you to use tools that will point to you to right direction and features didn't know that are even there, for both development time debugging and post-mortem production analysis.
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Bulletproof Transient Error Handling with Polly

Tomáš Herceg 24.01.2019 2386
Connected applications only work when connected. What happens if the network breaks temporarily? Will your system recover smoothly or pitch a fit? Using an OSS project called Polly (available on GitHub) you can handle this and many other transient situations with elegance and fluency. Polly let’s you define retry policies using standard patterns such as retry, retry forever, wait and retry, and circuit breaker. Learn how to make your system bulletproof with Polly and a little know-how.
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