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Expert in Mixed Reality and Machine Learning. Passionate about spreading knowledge on these and other technologies. I have been speaking at conferences, meetups and business meetings all over the world, always trying to get the audience to be as enthusiastic about the topics I talk about as I am. I play the guitar which is the other place I perfect my stage skills!

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Unity: make development fun again!

Dennis Vroegop 14.11.2019 141

Unity has become one of the two big platforms for developing games.

But did you know that Unity can be used for other areas as well? And most important: did you know that Unity can be extremely fun to work with?

Join Dennis on this talk as he explains how Unity works, what you can do with it and see as he live develops a VR app in just a couple of lines of code.

Unity brings back the feeling you had when you just started out coding and brings back the joy you might miss in your daily work!

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