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30 years writing business apps. In love with functional programming since learning LISP in college. Co-founder of Logic Studio, a software house with almost a hundred friends in Quito, Ecuador and Panama City, Panama. Ecuador Technology Chamber Board of Directors. Microsoft Regional Director. Aspiring trail runner and triathlete.

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Functional languages in business: how to craft an F# full-stack web app

Édgar Sánchez 14.11.2019 133
Functional languages like F# sometimes are characterized as good for academia, or research, or even AI, but not adequate for line-of-business applications. In this session we will not only show that creating a business web site with F# is possible but that you end up with less and more expressive code, with potentially higher productivity and maintainability.
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High speed .NET Core web services with gRPC and HTTP/2

Édgar Sánchez 14.11.2019 128
gRPC is a high-performance Remote Procedure Call framework for doing web services. In this code-heavy session will show what gRPC is all about, why it's becoming popular, and mostly how to use it from .NET Core 3.0, including highlights and pitfalls.
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