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Eldert can be described as an Azure MVP, Cloud Solution Architect, blogger, public speaker and technical author. He is mainly focused on Azure, Cloud, Enterprise Integration and IoT and has been involved in many innovative projects around these technologies. In his spare time Eldert likes to be active in the community and and can often be found working with and speaking about the latest technologies.

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Lessons From The API Management Trenches

Eldert Grootenboer 14.11.2019 143
Azure API Management has a lot of functionality, but it's not always clear when to use what. In this session we will go into setting up an API Management architecture, inspired by real life use cases. We will see how we can expose and protect our services, which policies help make our life easier, and how to handle our application lifecycle management.
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A Guide Through The Azure Messaging Services

Eldert Grootenboer 14.11.2019 133
Almost any solution we build will have some sort of messaging in their architecture. But how do we choose what type of messaging we need? From messages to events, from streams to publish and subscribe, the options seem overwhelming. In this session we will dive into the various types of messaging, and which services we can leverage in Azure to implement them. Once finished, you the world of messaging is at your feet, and you will be able to counter any type of messaging which comes on your path.
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