Quantum Computing: The Future, Today

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Quantum Computing: The Future, Today

01.01.1900 0:00

In the past 10 years we’ve gone through a spectacular evolution of classical computing capacity. In addition to the classic CPU, we’ve seen the rise of the GPU and, lately, the rise of the FPGA with huge increases in computing power available for both general workloads and specialized workloads (like deep learning for example). The datacenters of the global public cloud providers are becoming ever larger, denser, and more powerful. In the era of AI we’re now able to harness all this tremendous power to deliver ground breaking solutions like face and emotion recognition, conversational intelligence, emotion analysis, outlier detection, and many more. Yet from a certain point of view, despite all the huge advancements in classical computing, it becomes obvious that we’re getting closer and closer to the hard limit imposed by mother nature. It’s one of those cases when, to move forward, one needs to completely change the context. Enters quantum computing, an approach based on the very spectacular and strange behavior of matter and energy governed by the laws of quantum physics. Join me in this session in a journey of quantum computing discovery that will amaze you and most probably will make you question everything you know about modern IT. We’ll talk about the why, the how, and the when and we’ll delve into the spectacular implications of this ground breaking new technology.

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