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Q&A: Ask the Product Group Anything

14.11.2019 0
Panel discussion and Q&A with members of the .NET Team.
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My awesome journey with Open Source

Adam Sitnik 14.11.2019 132
Four years ago I was an anonymous, burned-out .NET developer. And then I started contributing to open source and my life has changed for good.
Open Source gives you unlimited challenges. You can contribute to compilers, operating systems and even to the code that took Apollo 11 space program to the moon!
You will learn why & how to start, what you can benefit and how OSS allows you to go for a beer with your Gurus!
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Security features to consider in .Net Core 3

Cecilia Wirén 14.11.2019 134
How to prevent attacks like cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery and open redirect on your site?
How do you handle cookies in a secure manners? What are the strongest hashing and encryption algorithms available? What more to think about? The questions are many so let’s solve as many as we can in 50 minutes and raise your security knowledge in the .NET space.
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Choosing The Best Mobile Framework

Brandon Minnick 14.11.2019 133

Choosing a mobile app framework is overwhelming - there are dozens to evaluate. From native frameworks written in Swift, ObjC, Java, and Kotlin to cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Xamarin, it is difficult to understand the key differences between them.

Join me as we review the pros and cons of popular mobile app frameworks to determine which one is right for you!

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Solving .NET performance issues

Adam Sitnik 14.11.2019 132

Your app has slowed down and you don't know why? Measure IT!

In this presentation I am going to introduce you to the concept of profiling, demo some of the most popular profilers and teach you how to identify performance issues.

Next time you hit a performance issue you are going to know where to start and how to solve it.

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Add more protection with HTTP Security Headers

Cecilia Wirén 14.11.2019 120
The server is sending your users content along with some HTTP Response Headers. Some of those headers is called Security Headers since they strengthen your application security. Only one little problem; you have to add them yourself. Statistics indicates that they are barely used. Let us change that!
Learn what headers you can implement and what to consider when doing that as well as how to add them into .NET and .NET Core.
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Async internals in .NET

Adam Furmanek 14.11.2019 151

Async and await are now common elements of .NET ecosystem. Do you know how they work? Do you know what is synchronization context, how to wait for async void methods or how to implement custom task scheduler?

In this talk I show internals of async and await. I present state machine created by the compiler, consider allocation issues and show typical deadlock scenarios. We will see how to call async methods from synchronous code, how to wait for async void, how to implement custom synchronization context or task scheduler to handle exceptions, and how to run task without allocation at all.

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Creating Your First Mobile Backend using App Center Data

Brandon Minnick 14.11.2019 139

Just about every mobile app today uses a remote backend to store data. But creating a backend is hard - it requires extensive Database, API, Networking, Security, Authentication and Server knowledge.

Luckily, App Center Data makes it easy to create a mobile backend with a few clicks and a couple lines of code.

Join me in this session where we’ll create our first mobile backend and connect it to our mobile app in .NET!

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Fusing digital and physical world with Azure IoT Digital Twins

Daniel Krzyczkowski 14.11.2019 134
When talking about IoT solutions, think of devices generating data that we can analyze. Imagine that you could easily check if there is a free room available in your office and what is the current temperature in this room. What is more, imagine that you could predict future anomalies, like a machine overheating. Azure IoT Digital Twins visualize physical environments and associated devices together with sensors. This creates great opportunity to fuse digital and physical world. During the session you will see how to integrate real IoT devices with Digital Twins service in Azure to collect and analyze data related with interior of the building.
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