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High-performance code design patterns in C#

Konrad Kokosa 14.11.2019 193
More and more effort is being seen in .NET ecosystem put into the performance. Quite often we are seeing a new benchmark or blog post about memory allocations being reduced or overall throughput is increased. But how all this is achieved? Can any common code patterns be recognized, named and summarized in a modern C#, at the times of C# 8.0 and .NET Core 3.0? Can we provide a kind of Gang Of Four design patterns counterpart in the context of performance? As I believe so, in this talk a propose such a list of patterns, altogether with the rationale behind them and practical use cases. Please, feel invited to the world of common ways of using stackallocs, Span of T, pipelines, parallel processing and more.
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.NET and WebAssembly: Back to the browser?

Larry Ewing 14.11.2019 152
WebAssembly is an attractive solution for easy delivery of executable logic across
multiple platforms. Explore the challenges of hosting a .NET runtime on WebAssembly
and examine the approaches the Mono is using to solve them. See what we've done,
how we did it, and what's next.
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Modern Authentication with OpenID Connect

Martin Ullrich 14.11.2019 132
When developing for modern service landscapes we need to deal with terms like OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT, Bearer Tokens and more. In this vast landscape auth possibilities for authentication, it is easy to get lost. This session helps to understand and use the principles that underly modern authentication flows.
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The Exponential Technology Revolution

Mark Michaelis 14.11.2019 149
In the year 2019, there is a conflux of exponential technologies potentially driving a 4th Industrial Revolution. In this session, we explore the world as we emerge from Quarter 1 of the 21st century, delving into the revolution that is occurring around us catalyzed by cloud computing, AI, ML, IoT, Big Data, nanotechnology, quantum computing, blockchain and the like. In this session, we delve into the opportunities, challenges, and ethics that we face today. Don't miss this session to catch the vision and obligations that accompany the world of tomorrow.
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Introduction to Azure Blockchain Services

Paul Swider 14.11.2019 131
We all are going through the boom of blockchain technology. There is a lot of information coming our way regarding the implementation and adoption of the technologies. In this session get the latest updates on Microsoft blockchain services, announcements from the blockchain team and learn how blockchain is changing the modern workplace.
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JIT and AOT in the CLR

Mei-Chin Tsai 14.11.2019 162
How does the CLR team think about JIT execution and AOT precompilation? The general capabilities of the CLR are similar to the JVM, but the runtime operates very differently. This talk will explore what choices motivated these different paths. This talk will also cover the recent tiered compilation introduced to CLR.
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Xamarin.iOS: Transforming your .NET into native code

Sebastien Pouliot 14.11.2019 143
While .NET was built for Windows, Mono proved it could run almost anywhere. Support for mobile platform, iOS in particular, proved to be a tough nut to crack. So how does Xamarin work on iOS? This talk will explain what needs to be added, removed or modified from your .NET code to create fully native iOS apps. Mystery begone.
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Reducing Third-Party Security Risk in .NET Core Applications

Niels Tanis 14.11.2019 126
When developing a .NET Core application a large portion of the application itself consists of external 3rd party dependencies which can be fetched from a package repository like Microsoft's NuGet.
How do those opensource projects/dependencies deal with security problems? We do need to keep an eye on security updates done in order to not introduce any unnecessary security risks into our application but will that be sufficient?
Finding and resolving security issues can take a lot of time and what about a compromised package in which a contributor has added functionality which has got malicious intent?
There is definitely a away we can improve the above and do a better job! In this session we'll take a look at e.g. compartmentalization and API review/reduction of those dependencies in order to reduce the risk profile of our developed .NET Core Applications.
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Demystifying App Service Networking

Mohamed Wali 14.11.2019 136
In this session, you will learn how to control, secure, integrate and isolate your app services where you can:
- Securely access resources available in or through your Azure VNet.
- Securely access applications in private networks
- Secure, reliable content delivery with broad global reach and rich feature set
- Define and manage rules that control access to your application.
- Control how network traffic is distributed to application deployments running around the globe.
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What Traveling a Million Miles has Taught me About Technology, Inclusion and Diversity

Paul Swider 14.11.2019 126
Traveling over a million miles to technology events in almost 100 countries and all seven continents you see, hear, observe and learn a great deal. Join me as I share my experiences, lessons learned and some of the global efforts focused on fostering diversity and inclusion in technology.
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