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.NET Core with WebAssembly

All major web browsers understand WebAssembly portable target and .NET Core 3.0 is shipping with experimental support for it. Come to see how you can convince your browser that C# is the best language it can run.
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War stories z .NET teamu

Expect deep dive into a few interesting investigations we faced on .NET team in the last decade.

War stories about:
* Investigations spanning years,
* Dormant bugs coming to life after a decade,
* Root-causes leading to surprising places,
* How we rooted-cause problems with minimal information available,
* Shocking impact of bugs on real world.

We will also cover:
* Root-causing HW bugs (avoid the one-machine problem),
* The value and art of minimal repro,
* Innovation and compatibility - the age-old rivals.

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.NET cross-platform experience

Practical experience with developing on or for Unix OSes with .Net Core.
Talk will focus on behavior differences, debugging tools and various surprises one can bump to while migrating from traditional .Net Framework eco system to other OSes and architectures.
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Deployment options and optimizations in .NET Core

CPAOT (modernizing the CoreCLR AOT compiler, new scenarios); Single-executable mode (current status = self-extractor; longer term plans – real 1 executable); Optimizations (tier jitting, larger version bubbles)
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Unloadability in .NET Core 3.0

Ability to unload assemblies is one of the highly demanded features added in .NET Core 3.0. This talk will focus on how it works, how to use it, what are the possible pitfalls and how to debug and troubleshoot them.
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.NET Core 3 and AppDomains

Vít Karas 09.07.2019 36
Why we didn't bring AppDomains along to .NET Core? What .NET Core 3 provides to replace AppDomains? Which technologies we don't plan to replace and what to do about them?
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OpenSource .NET - History of .NET in open source and Red Hat - Microsoft cooperation

Radka will tell the tale of Microsoft, the infamous villain, and Red Hat the open source hero, fighting side by side to save the Linux world from scripting languages.
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Building Modern .NET Desktop Applications with .NET Core and Windows 10

Last year, we announced that WPF and Windows Forms would be coming to GitHub and to .NET Core, and that most Windows 10 features would be available to these platforms. Since then, we've been working hard to make this a reality. Join this session to learn all about the work we've done and the tools we're building to prepare you for modern .NET Windows desktop development.
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.NET Core pro IoT

„Běží nám na tom Linux, ale máme jen .NET programátory“ v situaci, kdy jsme řešili připojování různého hardware do Azure IoT Hub byla dost noční můra. Ne, že by to nešlo, ale bylo to velmi krkolomné. Novinky v .NET Core 3, které nám umožňují pracovat s GPIO a sériovým portem vše zjednodušují. V přednášce si ukážeme, jak připojit senzory a aktuátory a ovládat vše pomocí .NET Core 3 aplikace.
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DevOps for Desktop Apps

Learn how to use Azure DevOps and what's coming for Azure App Center for applications running on Windows. We’ll cover how to use MSIX to package and sign your applications, providing tips and tricks for creating a CI/CD workflow that include branching, incremental builds, manifest editing, and pushing to Azure. This flow will work with existing Win32/.NET applications as well as UWP.
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